3 Exotic Shotgun Rounds You Won’t Believe Are Real

3 Exotic Shotgun Rounds You Won't Believe Are Real

The difference between a shotgun and rifle is that a rifle shoots a single bullet, whereas a shotgun discharges many small pellets. Each round has distinct advantages, but the biggest advantage of a shotgun round is that crazy people can open the casing and jam anything they want in there. As a result, we get shotgun rounds like…


1) Dragon’s Breath – Magnesium Pellets

When magnesium is ignited, it burns at around 3000 degrees Fahrenheit and produces a brilliant white flame. Somebody who knew about both magnesium and shotguns decided it would be fun to combine them. Thus, we have the Dragon’s Breath cartridge - a shotgun round that fires ignited magnesium in a massive wall of white melting death.


It’s like fireworks, except it kills you.

At first, the Dragon’s Breath round seems like a novelty. However, the round has been used by forest rangers to start backfires, and also used by police SWAT teams for “diversionary tactics”, which we are guessing means the police use them to scare drug-addicts by pretending to be dragons.


2) Flechette Round – Mini Darts

Shotgun rounds are normally made out of little metal balls of varying sizes. But the problem with the shape of the ball is that it is only semi-effective at penetration. Sure, a shotgun blast can destroy stuff pretty well; but sometimes you need to pierce something rather than just obliterate it. This is where the Flechette round comes in. When this round is fired, a volley of mini dart-like needles scream through the air at thousands of feet per second.


It makes playing darts much easier.

The round was used in the Vietnam era as the needles would pierce through bushes and trees much better than traditional shotgun pellets.


3) Chain Reaction – 2 Slugs Attached by Chain

We’ve all seen a movie in which some thug is holding a chain, and is presumably intending to use it as a weapon. We are guessing there isn’t much reality to this, and the movie directors just told them to hold chains because it makes them look tough. However, apparently chains can hurt – especially if they are shot out of a gun.



Watch out, he might like, tow your truck or something.

The source claims that the Chain Reaction round will be more effective at hitting targets that are hiding behind bushes, but we think they just made that up. We know the real purpose behind the Chain Reaction round – all your friends will think you are gangster cool. Other than that, this exotic round has no real-world application.


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