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Tips to Improve Your Shooting

No matter what the skill level, we can all improve on our current position and become better shooters. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie, gun experts agree on several easy ways to improve your skill level, get the results you desire, and not break the bank. These tips are applicable for almost any…


Russia’s New Underwater Gun

Looking forward into the future of weapons, most countries these days are prioritizing on defending themselves electronicall. It’s safe to say underwater warfare has been bumped a few spots down on the list of possible battles. Regardless, Russia has continued to develop its aquatic arsenal, and yesterday unveiled what it says is the first “amphibian”…


Samurai Cuts Bullet with Sword

In an epic feat of pure ninja prowess, a samurai with a blade made of his own steel has successfully cut a bullet in half after having it be shot at him. We’re not sure why anyone would ask for a bullet to be shot at them with only a thin slice of metal to…


The Cold SWORD Sniper Weapon

The Cold SWORD (Sniper Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices) is really a glimpse into the future of the fusion between technology and firearms. The devices uses both off-the-shelf commercial components and military off-the-shelf components. The system can be used to do all sorts of things, most of which we are to lazy to explain. The…